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"If you want to heal trees, these are the most complex problems to solve and being an arborist is not enough. You also need a working background in the forestry sciences of silviculture, forest soils and fruit trees."

'The Rural Forester's Craft' by Guy Shelemy


Shelemy Arborist Services

Is a fully licensed and insured tree service, owned and operated by a professional forester, specializing in:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • ConsultingGuy Shelemy Business Award



Both Rural & Urban Residential, Commercial, Government and Insurance Industries throughout Manitoba.


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A Tour of Manitoba's Ancient Trees - September 25, 2021



Forestry services are considered essential for protection of the environment. Diagnosis, treatment and consulting services are unaffected and social distancing and preventative measures are practiced to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Drought Damaged Trees:

The severe drought has resulted in significant branch dieback for many trees. This creates a hormonal imbalance within the tree and results in root dieback as well. I use RZ fertilization treatment to reduce these damaging effects on my trees. I can still add a few new clients to my fall treatment list for this year. Let me know soon.


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Forestry is a craft supported by science and I invest in my tree research rather than advertising. About 80%  of new client referrals come from arborists, tree service companies, garden centres and the clients I serve. If you have been referred to this website, I extend my sincere appreciation for their support of my work with trees.



Guy Shelemy



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