If you are a new client, proper diagnosis is essential for effective treatment and prevention of potential problems. When I give my undivided attention to your trees, I can focus on the subtle details of diagnosis that are missed by others. I'm passionate about my work, so I enjoy devoting the time and effort that is required. My Career Profile will tell you a bit about my background.

    If you are one of my long term clients, you are already aware of my tendency to 'adopt' your trees. I may be delayed in responding to your inquiry if I am doing some field research to evaluate the most effective treatment options for your trees. Please take some time to look at the Research Photos page to view some of my research.

I can respond to emails more promptly than phone messages. Please include the following information with your email:




Phone Number

Tree Species

What is your primary concern about your trees?

If you need to be on site, what days and times are suitable for you?


Let me know in the 'subject line' of your email:


1. Tree Health Assessment

2. Tree Fertilization

3. Treatment Work

4. Consulting Services

5. Other


To provide directions or if you are in a rural area, try using the What3Words Map

1. Use the Search Box to find your location on the map,

2. Zoom into the map until you see the grid pattern appear,

3. Click on one of the 3 metre squares at your location. You can even click on the square over the exact tree you are concerned about.

4. A three word address will appear in the search box on the top left of the screen, for example ( hobbies.trying.carbon ) is the What3Words address for the front steps of The Manitoba Legislative Building.

5. Include the What3Words address in your email.


This information will help me work most efficiently. I will be able to consider possible timing windows and include your trees when I am planning travel routes through Manitoba.

I express my sincere appreciation for your understanding,


Guy Shelemy